STEVE LAMM – 艺术家和制作人



这一切都引导了许多不同的乐队演奏,并成为20世纪90年代繁荣的纳什维尔摇滚乐场景的一部分。Steve曾与Lunar Crush, Audra and The Antidote, Lennon, Venus Envy, 和Craig Gore/Spillred等乐队一起演奏。在这些乐队演奏也带领了他们的录音。Steve在家里总是有自己的录音室,而且还能在现场录音。在许多情况下,乐队排练厅的录音会变成了一部EP!

Steve也一直在作曲和创造的轨道和节奏,因为它被称为“programming”的方式回到了今天!从一个旧的罗兰MC500测序仪开始,他与所有最新的齿轮和在此过程中使用的软件保持同步。如今,定制CGR PC上的Cubase/Nuendo, Reason和Pro Tools是这些任务的首选工具。

“Icon is a huge breath of fresh air in the audio work.

I find that the i-Keyboard 6, the Inspire 8G2, and the QCon Pro-X, have become necessary parts of my workflow when making beats, programming, and mixing. The QCon Pro-X gives me the tactile control that I need when working on big mixes. I love that it works well on Cubase, Nuendo and Pro Tools because I use all 3 extensively. On the i-Keyboard 6 I love the basic transport controls at my finger tips and the slider strips for pitch and modulation are great! I love that the Inspire 8G2 has drum pads and faders to run my DAW too. This makes making changes to a mix while programming super handy. The features and integration on all this gear are super fresh, and I am a huge fan!”

Steve Lamm

QCon Pro X

iKeyboard 6

InSpire 8G2